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What do i need to get internet?

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What do i need to get internet? Empty What do i need to get internet?

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:20 pm

What do you need to get connected?

1-Two hardware items are necessary for a connection to the Internet: a computer and a modem(1). Any new computer on the market today will have an internal modem. If you are using an older computer, you can purchase an external modem.

You also need a telephone line. You may want to consider providing an additional line for the modem. If you don't, telephone callers will not be able to get through to your organisation while you are on the Internet.
A note about telephone lines

Normal analogue telephone lines (like you have at home) are single channel lines that can take one call at a time. The modem is using the phone line just like you or a fax machine would. If you are talking to another party, be it a person, another modem or a fax (which strictly speaking is a modem anyway), what happens when someone else tries to call? Unless you have call waiting, you get the engaged tone.

Call waiting tones have a reputation of disrupting modem connections and the general wisdom seems to be that you should turn off call waiting when using a modem.

If you have a digital line (ISDN, Broadband, or similar), you can have multiple channels open on the line at the same time, each using up whatever bandwidth they require for their purpose.
Computer requirements

As a general rule you need:

* At least 64MB RAM (random access memory).
* At least 1GB hard disk space free in the computer.
* The fastest computer processor you can afford.

Any new computer currently on the market will be adequate for connecting to the Internet. You don't necessarily have to pay a lot to get a suitable computer.
Summary of infrastructure you need to get connected:

* Telephone line.
* Modem.
* Computer.

2- A mobile phone with gprs but the best is 1 with Hsdpa+ thats 3g then subscribe to the service provider eg Mtn, Mango ,Zain, Warid,Orange so you can surf using your phone or connect your phone to the pc using a cable or bluetooth

3 -A hotspot

A hotspot is a physical location that offers internet access over a wireless LAN through the use of a shared internet connection and a single router. Hotspots can typically be found in coffee shops and various other public establishments throughout much of North America and Europe and in Uganda we use wifi enabled devices like phone, ipods.laptops etc

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