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Post by sol_drethedon on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:44 pm


Leadership is the ability to influence  people to follow a particular course through being an example. True leadership embodies a balanced individual with spirit, mind and body all in one accord.

Spiritually, this individual possesses 7 qualities that  are holistically referred to as the 7 declarations of M'ART; Justice, balance, reciprocity, sacrifice, harmony, respect and love.... declarations that have since time immemorial been responsible for the  totality of man's excellence.

Mentally, this individual is generative, visionary, experiments reasonably, he is objective, has a strong power of imagination and possesses high levels of conceptual and perceptual abilities.

Physically, this  individual possesses mobility, control, strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and agility.

These respective elements from the three respective realms of the individual(Spirit, Mind and Body), when put in fine Dynamic Rhythmic Equilibrium(DRE) bring about a balanced individual capable of deciphering the needs of society with impeccable precision. This can be compared to the general energy equation derived by Albert Einstein; E=MC2 where

                                                         E denotes the Energy of the body

                                                         M denotes the Mass of the body

                                                         C(squared) denotes the Speed of light squared

This equation when juxtaposed with the realities of leadership would denote thus :

                                                         E = Energy of the mind

                                                         M= Mass of the body of the individual

                                                        C(squared) = Speed of enlightenment of the Spirit squared

Therefore, for all individuals that aspire to leadership, it is important to notice the need for a balanced personality that will pave 6he way for the realization of prudence in the echelons of State management and administration. When we talk  prudence in leadership, we talk about three stages that can guarantee fruition in any given field;

- Deliberation: ability to internalize a particular subject and grasp it's every detail comprehensively.

- Decision making: ability to be able to decide on whether its LEFT or RIGHT and not being stuck somewhere in the middle; to decide a particular course of action.

- Execution: Ability to execute a decision and bring it to physical being and manifestation.

To be Continued


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