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Post by sol_drethedon on Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:01 pm

Despite or perhaps because of these events, The UNLF began to pick up throughout the country, including in the affected areas of Kampala. Mayumba kkumi (ten house) cells sprang up everywhere as basic units of UNLF democratic organization. These institutions of the people began to take on responsibility for security, and anti-magendo patrols and road blocks were put up by them. People's democratic power was beginning to emerge,and increasing demand was made that militia and vigilante training be expedited, as the people showed very little confidence in existing structures of administration(chiefs) and security(police and prisons)

As a result, the existing structures were threatened, as such dual power was bound to clash. The strengths and limits of what the UNLF could achieve at this democratic level of organization were clearly demonstrated. The mafuta mingi increasingly ganged up with existing state structures, which had been under the sway, to combat mayumba kkumi. The people's struggle for democratic control of state institutions -- the essence of the new Democratic revolution in Uganda -- was clearly on; and the main force opposed to this struggle -- the mafuta mingi, who thrived on smuggling in the nexus of the imperialist dominated neocolonial economy -- was coming out in the open as the backbone of reaction and dictatorship

The developments in Uganda since the fall of Idi Amin's murderous regime have demonstrated that it is the people and the people alone who can put up an effective struggle against dictatorship. They have shown that without a popular base to the changes that have taken place, democracy of the new type , which alone assures people control over their resources and the destiny of their country, cannot be achieved.

They have demonstrated that when the Democratic forces are disunited ir ill-organized-- as was the case in the country over the last 13 years of dictatorship has a tendency to crop up in the leadership. Leadership easily gets corrupted by those with wealth, the commission agents and smugglers or, what is the same thing, the mafuta mingi and comprador bourgeoisie -- the agents of imperialism.

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