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How to Keep your computer clean...

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How to Keep your computer clean... Empty How to Keep your computer clean...

Post by Robin on Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:50 pm

Keeping your computer clean is very important, because that is what makes it run fast. Most people that do keep their PC clean spend a lot of money on programs that do the work for them. I will show you how to use the programs that come with your computer effectively in a step-by-step program.

1) Clear out your temporary internet files, history, and cookies on a regular basis. You can find this infomation in your Windows folder.

2) Now you need to go into My Computer and enter the C Drive. When you get here you need to find any files or folders that you don’t need anymore. When you find anything click on it and send it to the Recycle Bin. After you are done right-click on the Recycle Bin and select Empty Trash or you can directly delete without going to the recycle bin, by pressing "Shift + Del" then ok.

3) Most Windows based computers have Scan Disk. Scan Disk is one of the most important programs that you can have. It should be located at: Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scan Disk. This step can take a while so I suggest finding something else to do.

4) The next step is to use your virus detector. Most people will have to buy one. Some computers might have one pre-installed. First you need to update it if that is possible on your virus detector. All you have to do is start it and wait for it to finish. I can not give you any ideas on settings because all of the programs are different.

5) Their are a few quick things that you can do as you use your computer to keep it from getting loaded down.

a) Always keep your Recylce Bin empty. This will free up that much more memory that can work on what you are doing.

b) Do not leave downloads sitting around in your computer. After you download something and install it get rid of it as soon as possible, or if you have another hard disk you can create a seperate partition for softwares or other executable applications (Setups).

c) Don't download anything directly to your Desktop. In many cases things copied onto your Desktop will duplicate its self in your Windows folder. If this happens and you don't stop it your computer could get badly damaged.

d) Always make sure that you defrag you hard drive, either using free windows application or download and license one like O&O, defrag, etc.

e) Make sure that once in a while you do temp folder cleanups using the windows free tool or you own like ccleaner, wintools etc, the will remove all junk files that were backed up by the system.

You are now finished cleaning out your computer. Restart it and it should be a lot faster than it was before and you should have more free space.

Hope you learnt something new .

Cheers R lol!

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