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Post by sol_drethedon on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:21 pm

Because it came with beliefs and laws which are suitable for any time and place, and because it views all people as equals and enforces social fraternity, Hip-Hop is the international option. Because Hip-Hop is able to cope with societies of different cultures and backgrounds and keep pace with development, it deserves to be the principle of civilization. But what is the Hip-Hop concept of civilization?

Nomadic life keeps one as primitive as he was born, taking him away from knowledge, culture, and arts and imposing no social restrictions on him; whereas civilized life grants him education, makes him familiar with cultured lifestyles, and teaches him how to live brotherly and cooperatively within a community. Thus civilization can be defined as a collection of values and principles that refine man’s lifestyle and take him out of himself. It urges him to stop thinking of his own welfare, leading him to take his fellows, society or even the entire humanity into consideration. In fact, civilization refines man’s emotions and feelings, promotes his way of thinking, widens his vision of the world, and elevates his behaviors to do good and act peacefully. There is no doubt that sound ways of thinking, tender feelings, clear vision, high-level culture, even manners and thoughtfulness, are important factors in the elevation of man’s life. This leads to another fact: civilization springs originally from within the human being.

We can also realize that civilization is not judged by quantity but by characteristics. Man is judged by the degree of his piety, not on the basis of race, color or wealth.

In this meaning, civilization is not synonymous with urbanization, where the latter reflects the shift of population from nomadic life or rural areas to meet some of man’s basic needs; to live in houses, enjoy a certain lifestyle, and develop the industries and tools he uses in his life. On the other hand, civilization symbolizes values deeply rooted in oneself, urging one to promote his feelings and sentiments, maintain clear vision, develop his way of thinking, and continuously refine his behaviours.
Knowing that values are the core of civilization and tools are the core of urbanization, which of them should prevail? And which should be in service of the other?

As one’s hand is a tool in service of his thought, urbanization should be controlled by and in the service of civilization, since it is proved that man can not establish himself as man without aspects of civilization. For if man concentrates his efforts to protect himself, enjoy different kinds of food, and use all possible means to fulfill his desires he would not be distinguished from animals. He is man because he has the spiritual power that affects his behaviors, in which urbanization is of a lower rank than civilization. But for the control wielded by civilization, man’s desire for food, his strongest desire, would turn him into an animal and his desire for living would turn him into a tyrant.

Therefore, we can say that civilization originates from values and principles. While urbanization comes to meet man’s needs and benefits, it is no wonder, then, that it is civilization that brings about people’s happiness and prosperity, while it is urbanization, uncontrolled by values, that leads to their misery because it depends on egoism, dispute, and wars and in the end, destruction of life.

So long as civilization goes beyond the individual to all human beings wherever, whenever and however they are, HIP-HOP will be the peak of civilization and the apex of development. It will be the great end to which humanity aspires and the absolute ideal for which wise men and philosophers long. For which future leaders hoping to take on the mantle of leadership of this Country will look to for whollistic governance. Leaders hoping to return this country to the correct path must form a government laden with men and women of valor, benevolence, justice; public intellectuals with absolute and unwavering principles; men and women that shall place values and principles a head of corruption, dissipation, drunkenness, treachery, unscrupulousness and debauchery; men of refined intellects and cultured manners.

A leader with unparalleled creative power, an addressed and cultured conscience and one that believes in human fraternity. Leaders that will initiate people oriented projects strictly designed for upliftment of living standards. We should be weary of ‘leaders’ who design projects aimed at having them slap kickbacks and in the end stifling these very projects they purport to initiate sustainable development.

Present statistics show that 14.8million of the population of Ugandans is in the age bracket of (15-49 years) = 44.84%. 6.7 million of the population of Ugandans is in the age bracket of (15-24 years) = 20%.

Come 2016, those that are 15 years of age will be eligible voters. But what are they voting for? Issues, propaganda, principles, sentiments, tribe, political affiliation or for values and principles that are the true embodiment of civilization and consequently development.

With the rampant increase in poverty, unemployment and disenfranchisement / disconnection from institutions that personify / reflect civil rights and principles like Health, shelter, security, education; principles and civil rights from which empowerment can be drawn, we may as well say that the future for the 49 year olds is almost bleak (Retirement is at 55 years and any hopes for a pension are riddled by a suspect NSSF board (No pun intended).
For the 15 year olds, a U.P.E and U.S.E system infested with mediocrity has left some unable to even jot down their own nomenclature (names). A system infested with irregularities and permeated by mediocrity at all levels can not produce an individual with refined spirits and intellects, let alone cultured manners. The 15 & 24 years olds are left whollistically pseudo-futureless. Yet this age bracket (15-24) years has breathed or experienced the overwhelming principle of HIP-HOP either directly / knowingly or indirectly / unknowingly through music and through reference in history to fore-fathers like Ndugu Kwame Nkurumah, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere, Martin Luther King Jnr, Patrice Lumumba, the list goes on….. How do we show them that all is not lost?
We must admit that to return our country to the right path does not necessarily require a change of leadership at the helm, but rather a return to principles that were the embodiment of struggle even for our fore-fathers that were enslaved in foreign lands and held in captivity for long spells in the centuries past.

Failure to inculcate principles that are out-come based as opposed to being content-based is eating away the potential leadership moral fibre of the future generation. We must use these 4 years to build an aggressive campaign to convince this already marginalized and pseudo-futureless populace that at election time, it won’t just be a change of frame while the picture remains the same but rather a complete over haul of both frame and picture.

We must use the principles that HIP-HOP stands for to preach development with integrity to a stranded and pseudo-futureless generation, and they will respond not because we say so or it is just political lip service but rather because the subject we are dissecting is an innate one; one that generates ripples of thirst and affinity for those principles that have so unscrupulously been abrogated and replaced with corruption, dissipation, theft, debauchery; albeit in institutionalized fashion, principles that have since time immemorial been responsible for the totality of man’s excellence.
As proven by history, no substantial and sustainable development will come to any nation under the ‘leadership’ of a gang of professional exploiters, uncivilized to the nuclei of their souls, devoid of moral consciences and miserably and shamelessly alien to values and principles. Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo) under the spell of the late Mobutu Seseseko can bear testimony to this assertion.

We do not have to go to war to avert the looming catastrophe that threatens our social and economic existence due to events dictating the status quo. We need to return to the spirit; to these HIP-HOP principles that govern the Cosmos and it must begin with every individual under the majesty of the Cosmos.

It is in many ways absurd to see that those that have scaled the ladder of academia and are supposedly meant to guide the country in the right direction have let greed, wantonness and debauchery have the best of them; interpreting laws to meticulously suit the jaws of anarchy and tyranny steadily grinding nationals of this country. Surely, Ugandans must come out of the slumber that seems to be the cardinal strength of many an economically apostate regime pointing humanity to an unprecedented economic apocalypse.

Any leader that intends to make things better must start right now and use these 4 years before 2016 to wake Ugandans out of their seemingly endless and perilous slumber using the principles of HIP-HOP. Vote buying and bribery of voters must be vehemently explained and exposed as the major cause of this post-election economic predicament.

To be continued

Compiled by;
Researcher on HIP-HOP Psychology
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